I love to write, perhaps you do too. However, I've got something that not everyone has, a lovable last name. 

There are lots of famous Beckers. Boris Becker likes to play tennis, Ludwig Becker liked to draw animals, and Charles Becker earned his fame by being the first policeman in American history to be given the death penalty for murder. I hope I'm not painting a grim Becker picture. I'm just saying, the last name carries a lot of chutzpah. So, in case you've already gotten attached to the last name, I'm Sara, Sara Becker. Pleased to meet you.

Places frequented by this Becker: David & Goliath, Heat, McCann, Fake Love, Pereira & O'Dell, Goodby, AKQA, Toth + Co, StrawberryFrog, VML

advertising work:

John Hancock Vitality
Chevy Sonic

Mastercard & Android Pay
Saks Holiday
40 Days of Masterpass

Dunkin’ Donuts & Jane Lynch
Kids Concierge
Priceless Viewfinder: VR
The Pilot: A Digital Bike
Target: Sports Illustrated

Screenwriting + side projects:


Sounds of NYC

Nasty Galentines

Trash Talk: A Talking Garbage Can

Williams & Murray

Write me: sarafbecker@gmail.com