Dunkin’ Donuts & Jane Lynch

We let everyone's favorite imaginary friend, Jane Lynch, remind cardholders to use Masterpass to Win the Morning with the Dunkin' Donuts app in an Integrated TV and social campaign.

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Social Videos

Mastercard Twitter: When you realize Masterpass could’ve helped you get to work on time. #winthemorning #priceless

Mastercard Twitter: The feeling of starting your day with Masterpass. #winthemorning #priceless

Mastercard Twitter: When Masterpass helps you get there early. #winthemorning #priceless

Mastercard Twitter: When @JaneMarieLynch shows you how it’s done with Masterpass. #winthemorning #priceless

Mastercard Twitter: Realizing your full morning potential with Masterpass. #winthemorning #priceless